Some interesting facts about our company

Welcome to Explosion Proof Electrical Control

Explosionproof Electrical Control is engaged in design, development, manufacture and quality control VariOUS types of Flameproof and Weatherproof Electrical Equipment for safe application in hat hazardous locations. Well experienced technocrats from the field has put their complete strength in development and manufacture of Flameproof / Weatherproof electrical equipments which can be relied upon in short life of 10 years, we could get confidence of large, medium and small industries of repute.

Our administration office is located at Baroda and production units are at Silvassa (U.T) and Vapi - Guiarat. Our plant is equipped with adequate machineries. And also manned by very qualified, skilled, dynamic teem of engineers and sincere staff to manufacture quality products.We have employed very sincere, skilled and qualified engineers to manufacture quality products. We have testing laboratories and quality control systems to adhere to BIS / ISO specification. We fulfills this need with its complete range of Ex-Plotected products which has approval status from almost all major engineering consultants in India.

EXEC is well established, recognized in various industries such as Oil / Gas,

Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Bulk drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Paint Industries in India. We are approved by CMRI, CCE, BSI and many eminent engineering consultants!

Our main aim is to make our products more popular and make our customer more friendly by renderizing better service after sales and help our client in selecting their need, If you desire to know more about us and our products, please visit our website www.explosionproofelectrical.com or call us on . We assure you of our unstinted co-operation at all the time.